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PS EPS recycling and granulation line150-800
Name: PS EPS recycling and granulation...

PS EPS recycling and granulation line

1. Multifunctions of crushin... ...More>>

PE PP waste production line
Name: PE PP waste production line
1. The crusher adopts four groups knives design, the crushing capacity is 2 times more... ...More>>
PVC granulation production line
Name: PVC granulation production line

PVC pelletizing line,the lin... ...More>>


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ZHANGJIAGANG CITY YILI Machinery Co., Ltd. was established in 1991,is one of  the best plastic machinery in China .We specialize in the development, design, manufacture and marketing of various plastic machines. We are located in beautiful  Zhangjiagang City, enjoying a convenient transportation.

All our products are developed by our engineers, such as PEPP WASTE CRUSHING,WASHING,DRYING PRODUCTION LINE, PET BOTTLE,FLAKE CRUSHING AND WASHING LINE,PSEPS RECYCLING AND GRANULATION LINE,with more than 20 kinds of new products. Our products have been popularly sold to many countries, such as Russia, East Asia, the Middle East, Africa etc.